Dinosaurs come back to life at Fuji Speedway!

Fuji Speedway opened its new attraction “Fuji Jurassic Way,” a new circuit featuring outdoor models of dinosaurs that the whole family can enjoy, starting July 28.

Fuji Jurassic Way is a collaboration with Event Communications and is located in the forested area inside of the Toyopet 100R Corner in the central area of the course. With 9,100 square meters of space, the whole course is 350 meters in length. Dinosaur models featured include enormous herbivores such as the brachiosaurus, spinosaurus, dilophosaurus, stegosaurus, winged dinosaurs hailing from the pteranodon family just to start, all in all totalling 14 different types of full scale dinos with 19 models in total. Fuji Jurassic Way also features real triceratops bone exhibits, a dinosaur egg for taking pictures of, and rideable dinos for the kids, but the piece de resistance is the T-Rex that will put visitors in awe standing majestically in front of Mount Fuji.

In order to go see the dinosaurs, you’ll need to pay to get in to Fuji Speedway (if there is a race or event being held that day, a ticket for said race or event needs to be purchased), as well as a ticket for Fuji Jurassic Way. Getting in on a normal day for an adult should run ¥2,000.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @ DAYS
(Translated by Bryce Clarke)