Release of M78X86, a concept inspired by Ultra Man

On July 24, A MAN of ULTRA, a licensed brand developed in collaboration between Tsuburaya Productions and Fields, commenced sales of the M78X86 concept car.

Based on the concept of “creating an Ultra Man in the everyday world,” A MAN of ULTRA features a wide range of items that include apparel, goods and other products. This project was aimed at developing a car that truly appeals to men and women in their 40s and 50s who grew up watching Ultra Man.

The Toyota 86 based M78X86 Concept was previously showcased at the Tokyo Auto Salon and Osaka Auto Messe. This prototype attracted a lot of attention for its exclusively designed emblem representing yatsuzaki kourin, one of Ultra Man’s weapons, and seating and instrument panel geometrically printed with M78X86.

The M78X86 comes available in two types of base models, the 86GT and 86GT Limited and features a lineup of five colors suited to “Ultra Man”: Crystal Black Silica, Ice Silver Metallic, Crystal White Pearl, Pure Red and Dark Gray Metallic. As for its parts, the M78X86 offers two options: a full kit and base kit featuring select parts. The parts also come in a choice of three colors: black, red and blue.

The M78X86 is priced from 3,373,800 yen to 3,772,400 yen. Reservations are being accepted at Toyota Corolla Tochigi’s Tsukuruma Kobo and Utsunomiya Kamiyokota (AREA86) dealerships, Netz Toyota Chiba’s NETZ SPORT dealership, Netz Toyota Suruga’s Numazu (AREA86) dealership, Netz Toyota Shizuhama’s Sunstreet ASK dealership, Nagoya Toyopet’s Toyoda Tsuchihashi (AREA86) dealership, Toyota Corolla Nagoya’s Nisshin Takenoyama (AREA86) dealership, Netz Toyota Hyogo’s Harborland dealership, Okayama Toyopet’s YAHHO Kurashiki (AREA86) dealership and Toyota Corolla Ehime’s Imabari dealership.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @DAYS
(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)