The 2017 Honda Accord (U.S. model)

Honda Accord selected for 10Best Cars by Car and Driver magazine

American Honda announced that in late November, the Accord was selected as one of Car and Driver magazine’s 10Best Cars of 2017.

Since the 1980s, 10Best Cars has recognized the 10 best vehicles for that year and are currently selected from a list of models sold in the U.S., priced at less than $80,000 (approx. 9.25 million yen).

There is no ranking attached to the vehicles, and simply selects the 10 best. Automakers have utilized its selection for 10Best Cars as part of its sales promotion.

For the 2017 selection, Honda made the list with their Accord. According to American Honda, this is the 31st time that the Accord was selected over the last 35 or so years since 10Best Cars was established.

American Honda said, “The Accord’s selection for 10Best Cars is the most out of any automaker in the U.S.”

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)