New Acura (Honda) NSX

New Honda NSX video gets 1,150,000 views in one week

On October 11, Honda announced that approximately a week after releasing its “Nazca Lines” NSX movie, it has already received over 1,150,000 views.

The video shows off the performance abilities of the new NSX by showing it tearing up a desert landscape in California. The video shows the NSX cornering dramatically and then coming to a sudden stop. Dust from the ground rises and the tracks left by the high performance model are shown to be the same as the tracks that outline a hummingbird known as the Nazca Lines.

The tracks, which are completed at one stroke, are 1:10 the scale of the actual humming bird lines in Peru. The new NSX could meet this challenge and succeed in reproducing the lines through the dramatic “on the rail” cornering and high handling performance offered by the new Sport Hybrid SH-AWD,

Technology such as highly accurate GPS that gives the driver the route in real-time and head mount display are essential components in achieving this successfully.

Honda says, “Our aim was to bring together the spirit and enjoyment of driving along with showing off Honda’s latest technology.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)