Hino Ranger Dakar rally car

2016 Tokyo Motor Fes: Hino to exhibit Dakar rally car and Poncho

Hino will display the Ranger Dakar racer and Poncho at 2016 Tokyo Motor Fes in Odaiba, which will be held from October 8 to 10.

The Ranger Dakar rally car raced and won in 2014 in the under-10 liter class. Attendees will be able to sit in the rally-redesigned driver’s seat, touch the large-sized tires, and see into the storage space where spare tires, tools and other equipment is stored.

The Hino Poncho is a community bus that is used for transit currently in Japan. At the event it will display a Poncho with wrapping created by asking kids around the world what kind of bus they’d like to see.

Hino will also a virtual reality experience that simulates driving the Blue Ribbon City Hybrid at the event’s special 360-Degree VR Dome.

(Translated by Greg Scott)