1958 Subaru 360

Subaru 360 “Ladybug” Recognized As Mechanical Engineering Heritage

One of Subaru’s most renown automobiles, the 360, has been officially recognized by as a part of Japan’s Mechanical Engineering Heritage.

On 25 July, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers announced that out of the 7 engineering feats to be recognized in 2016, that the Subaru 360 would constitute one of the machines chosen for recognition.

The Subaru 360 was first produced in 1985. With its small frame even among its lightweight brethren, the 360 provided an excellent package for consumers with its ability to seat 4, its popularity among Japanese eventually leading it to be nicknamed “The Ladybug” due to its cute design.

By choosing the Subaru 360 to reside among the ranks of Japanese Mechanical Engineering Heritage Devices due to its historical significance from a technological standpoint, the society hopes to pass on the vehicle’s importance to future generations.

Other vehicles chosen for the same honor include the Tama Electric Car which was inducted in 2010; the Mazda 10A Rotary Engine; and the Honda CVCC Engine, both inducted in 2007 among others.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]