Subaru WRX STI built to break new record at Isle of Man TT

Video: Subaru releases video of WRX STI setting new record at Isle of Man TT

A full video is on the internet of the Subaru WRX STI setting a new lap-time record for a mass market car at Isle of Man’s TT course in early June.

For the challenge, Subaru of America and the UK’s Prodrive built the WRX STI Time Attack. The model is based on the WRX STI and designed for the Isle of Man TT Time Attack category. Subaru Tecnica International (STI) also contributed technical support.

The WRX STI Time Attack has a 2.0L horizontally-opposed 4-cylinder gasoline engine that’s fully tuned for a maximum output of 600hp. With a body weight of just 1175kg, it has a maximum speed of 290km/h.

On June 6, driver Mark Higgins set a new record on the 60km course with the WRX STI Time Attack. His time was 17:35, beating the previous record by 1:51. His average speed was 207.17km/h.

Subaru of America uploaded the video on its official site on July 14. The moment the new record is reached at 17:35:139, the video can be seen through a video sharing site.