Honda S660 RA Concept

Super GT Round 2 Fuji Race: Honda offers an up-close look at S660 RA Concept

Honda displayed the S660 RA Concept kei sports car at the Mugen booth at the Super GT Round 2 Fuji Race.

The S660 RA Concept made quite a stir at the Honda-Mugen booth of the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon this January. The idea behind the model was to make something drivers would absolutely love. The exterior has a carbon grille and BBS aluminum wheels to give it a light feel and it’s customized with after-parts from Mugen and Modulo for better aero dynamics and more. The suspension has gotten a height adjustment and it has a special muffler for a fun and comfortable drive. The interior has the Mugen logo embossed on seats and the upper portion of the steering wheel, three color marking, and changes to the shift knob for customization for better driving.

At the Tokyo Auto Salon, the model was up on the stage where attendees couldn’t get a close look, but everything was on full display at the Super GT Mugen booth. Fans could actually get in the concept car and feel the quality first-hand.

(Translated by Greg Scott)