Toyota Mirai

2016 Smart Energy Week: The half-cut Mirai gathers a large crowd

The 2016 Smart Energy Week (March 2 to 4) has gathered nine new energy exhibition activities at Tokyo Big Sight, where about 1,430 companies exhibited their products. One of those events is the 2016 FC Expo, and during this event, the Toyota Mirai has caught the attention of most attendees.

This half-cut Mirai model gathered the attention of many guests that it literally exuded the feeling of a large crowd. Moreover, one after another, people took photos of the Mirai, as if it was a photo-op session.

Even the staff attending to the model, who was a bit surprised about this happening, said, “Since we opened it for viewing, this has been the scenario.”

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, which will be officially unveiled on March 10, was also exhibited beside the Mirai, but it had a totally different atmosphere from that of the large crowd that surrounded the Mirai. After all, many attendees were more concerned about the Clarity Fuel Cell’s interior details rather than its outer appearance, especially for an exhibition where there are many experts as well.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)