"We wanted to create a Camping Car once," says Airstream Japan President Tanaka

2016 Camping Car Show: Opening day, from kei wagons to 4WD trucks of your choice

The 2016 Japan Camping Car Show, where 300 cars were exhibited in Makuhari Messe (Chiba), kicked off on February 11, 2016. It will be until February 14.

The first day of the event began with an awarding ceremony for the Camping Car Awards winner, Terry Ito. Its difference from the Tokyo Motor Show and Tokyo Auto Salon is that many attendees could bring their pets along with them. There were even attendees who brought four dogs around. Moreover, there were camping cars in the parking space for medium-sized and large-sized cars.

There were various camping cars at the venue, particularly kei wagons that have been remodeled with spaces at the back for taking a rest, and full 4WD trucks that are capable of participating in the Paris to Dakar rally.

In terms of appearance, the cab conversion-type camping cars, which were based on the Toyota HiAce and the Nissan NV350, were very popular. Moreover, many of the imported camping cars, whose prices could already let you buy an old apartment, are said to have the size of a Japanese micro bus. Aside from that, there were also trailer-type camping cars in the venue.

There were also simply remodeled kei wagons, such as the Honda N-Wgn, the Vamos, the Daihatsu Tanto, the Wake, the Suzuki Every and the like. It might probably be a great idea to make remodeled car wagons with sleeping space at the back as an in-car stay feature. It’s a simple type of camping car where the back seat can be removed, the luggage can also be used a bed or a rack, and a thick mat can just be laid on top of it. It can also be used as a normal kei wagon when you fold its mats. The remodeling cost can be offered at a low price, and in this season, the remodel can also be used as a sleeping space in the parking lot of a ski slope.

Mystic, whose headquarters is located in Yamanashi, exhibited a truck conversion kit that features a guest space in the kei truck bed. There were also the Hilux and Datsun trucks that had a similar guest space in their carriers, but those vehicles were not around this time. When arriving at the camping venue, it can also be used as a kei truck if the attendee stays longer in the guest space and separates it from the guest space. The camping car can also be assembled with necessary items such as a portable cooking stove and sink. Its has less lightness compared to the standard type, but it is already adequate for two people to use this model.

Furthermore, the booth of Airstream Japan, which is an American camping trailer that has aluminum body material, also exhibited truck conversion kits. They exhibited trucks based on the Mitsubishi Fuso 4WD version, which has huge 6V fog lamps, and tires that looks like they could be used in driving at desert areas; they looked like trucks that participate in the Paris to Dakar rally. Its carrier has a prefab-sized guest space. Its trailer hitches were also pulled away, and its strollers for four wheels were kept inside. And its guest space could also be separated from the carrier area. There’s also a crane in front of the guest space, although it is not certain if it’s in order to do that separation. And basically, it is necessary to use four-step stairs in order to embark on this guest space.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)