2015 NISMO Festival GT Talk Show

2015 NISMO Festival: Did the rival teams not talk in the GT Talk Show?

A Super GT Talk Show was conducted on the event stage during the 2015 NISMO Festival at Fuji Speedway, which was held on November 29, 2015. A race-like battle unfolded.

These are the teams that made an appearance on stage: Drivers Tsugio Matsuda, Ronnie Quintarelli, and Team Manager Yutaka Suzuki of #1 Motul Autech GT-R. Drivers Hironobu Yoshida, João Paulo de Oliveira, and Team Manager Kazuyoshi Hoshino of #12 Calsonic Impul GT-R. Drivers Daiki Sasaki, Michael Krumm, Lucas Ordóñez and Team Manager Masahiko Kondo of #24 D’station ADVAN GT-R. Drivers Satoshi Motoyama, Masataka Yanagida, and Team Manager Toshiomi Oeki of #46 S Road MOLA GT-R.

First, a talk show for the team managers was conducted, and #1’s Team Manager Suzuki informed the fans about their recent victory in the championship title for two years in a row. He said, “We said in last year’s NISMO Festival that we would aim for successive championships and we were able to achieve that aim for two years straight, all thanks to all your support.
We have been participating in the race for over 20 years, and final rounds have always been really tough.” #12’s Team Manager Hoshino jokingly said, “A part of us also have regrets, but it’s a great thing that Nissan became the champion. We will continue to work hard for next year as well. J.P. will also be getting married next year.” The whole venue got excited.

Aside from that, Team Manager Masahiko Kondo of #24, which won Round 2 in Fuji Speedway for the first time in a long time, expressed his gratitude. “We had been losing for several years and it was really difficult. We’re very happy that we were able to win after a long time. We had various hardships since we implemented the 3-driver system, but everyone really did a great job.” Then Team Manager Oeki of #46 also said, “We had been experiencing the feeling of seeming to win but we couldn’t win. However, it’s a great thing that we were finally able to have one win and that we had the opportunity to take the challenge in the championship round.” Furthermore, each team also talked about their respective aspirations, “Our team will give our very best in grabbing the championship title next year as well.”

After that, the driver’s talk show was conducted. While they were having a relaxed time, Motoyama and Yanagida of #46 commented, “Our second year of partnership had a great balance, and I think that it was amazing that we have come up with great results like winning and more.” Michael Krumm of #24 was introduced to Motoyama as Super GT’s eldest champion, then Sasaki said, “When we had our first win, I didn’t know the program flow of awarding ceremonies and champion’s interview. Then I asked Krumm and he told me that he also didn’t know because it has been 11 years since he won the champion title,” which made the attendees laugh. Lucas, who had a contract of participating only for three rounds said, “Three rounds is just very little time; I wanted to participate in more rounds. But I’m very glad that the results were great.”

Moving forward, Yasuda of #12 said, “There’s a wide space in between us and those who are beside us. There’s a wall in between the #1 and us that we couldn’t see.” There was a moment of tension as they remembered the latter half of the final round. However, he added something that made the venue excited, “The #1 members treated us to a meal, so we’re having conversations today.” It can be said that it’s a conversation between fellow drivers who are getting along well. Also, Masuda of #1 said, “I got scolded by Ronnie during Round 3 in Thailand when I saw him after a long time.” It was when Ronnie noticed that Masuda’s body had gotten bigger when they met again in Thailand. Contrary to our expectation of a talk show that is more like a racing event, they were able to make the audience enjoy the event peacefully in the end.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)