Life-size origami-made Nissan Juke

Nissan celebrates Juke’s fifth anniversary with life-size origami creation

In early November, Nissan Europe held an event in the UK to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Juke compact crossover. This “unique” event involved the challenge of building a life-size version of the Nissan Juke using a certain item that symbolizes Japanese culture.

This Japanese item was none other than origami. Paper artist, Owen Gildersleeve of the UK was put in charge of building a life-size version of the Nissan Juke.

Over 2,000 origami paper and around 200 hours were put in to the creation. The paper-made Juke featuring a yellow exterior with wheel arches and headlights resembles the actual vehicle.

It added a touch of grace to the Juke’s 5-year anniversary as well as to World Origami Days.