Graffiti JK×Mazda RX-Vision

Monthly Comic Alive’s latest issue features a poster of the Mazda RX-Vision and JK collaboration

Kadokawa released the January issue of Monthly Comic Alive last November 27. The special addition on the latest issue is it has an extra-large A1 double-sided full-color poster of the “Car graffiti JK × Mazda RX-VISION.”

The “Car Graffiti JK” (by Enoki Sakishima), is a comedy comic about three car-loving high school girls. This is a “girls and car” comedy that revolves around three high school girls who are aiming to create a car club. The story takes place in Japan, whose youth have lost interest in cars and had its minimum age of drivers lowered to 16 years old as a measure to encourage the youth to get their driver’s license.

The author of the Car Graffiti JK, Enoki Sakishima, created a poster of the Mazda car concept RX-Vision, which became a hot topic during the 2015 Tokyo Motor show. It perfectly emulates the beauty of Soul Red. Note that at the back, it has a double-sided A1 poster of “Girls Panzer.”

The price is 680 yen.

(Translated by Charmaine Apple Silagan)