Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo

Mazda Fan Festa: GT6 racer full scale LM55 to make Japanese debut on December 6 in Okayama

B-Sports will conduct the country’s biggest Mazda fan event, the 2015 Mazda Fan Festa in Okayama at the Okayama International Circuit on December 6.

This year, Mazda will be launching the full scale LM55 Vision Gran Turismo from its virtual sports car version in the PS3 driving simulation game Gran Turismo 6. The LM55 Vision Gran Turismo was also displayed as a huge sculpture from Mazda during the Goodwood Festival of Speed in United Kingdom last June 2015, and it will be unveiled in Japan for the first time.

Moreover, as for the racing session of old and new Mazda race cars, the Mazda 787B JSPC that won an overall victory in the Le Mans, the R100, the RX-3, the RX-7, and more cars will be included in racing for the first time in a long time. Super Taikyu and Roadster Party Race cars will also be in the Mazda Fan Festa.

Aside from that, the Mazda Fan Fest will have activities such as a parade run that can be experienced freely at the Okayama International Circuit, an actual time attack and endurance race, test driving sessions at the mini course, and performances and games at the stage. Further, many guests will be attending on the day before the event.

Admission fee is 2,160 yen and tickets can be purchased via the official websites of Lawson ticket and Okayama International Circuit starting November 6, 2015. Ticket price on the event day is 2,700 yen, and free admission for children below junior high school level.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)