Honda T360

Photo Feature: 2015 Misato Park Classic Car Festival features rare 360cc kei cars

The 5th Annual Misato Park Classic Car Festival was held at Misato Park in Misato, Saitama Prefecture, on October 4.

The Saitama East Saburoku Owners Club held a special exhibit for cars from the 360cc era (“Saburoku” is a Japanese rendering of the numbers 3 and 6).

The Subaru 360 is a regular at events like this. There were four models including a light custom van. There were many Hondas, including its Life Step Van kei touring van from the era. It’s quite a sight to see the Life Pickup truck version today. Although it’s a light truck, it’s loaded with a DOHC4. The T360 with its 4-carburator 30hp engine was also a welcome addition.

The B360, Mazda’s first kei truck, is a real rarity. The festival featured a 1962 model equipped with the same air-cooled V-twin as the R360 Coupe. It’s the kind of rarity that kei car owners could only see at Motorcar Museum of Japan in Ishikawa Prefecture. It’s surprising that the body doesn’t even weigh 350kg.

Although not 360cc, mini-cars like the Hope Star, a Hope car equipped with a rare 20 cycle single-cylinder piston engine, and Suzuki Cervo, a specialty kei car that appeared in 1977 as a new standard for 550cc, and the Daihatsu Midget three-wheeler also made an appearance.

(Translated by Greg Scott)