Lexus Amazing Experience

Driving with Lexus LFA, an experience program in Asama Motor Festival

Lexus will hold a training program called “Lexus Amazing Experience” at the Asama Motor Festival that will be conducted in Tsumagoi, Gunma and in the outskirts of Asama Kogen on October 24 and 25.

The Asama Motor Festival is a motor event that aims to promote the region and nurture the automobile culture. The location of this driving program is at the Asama Kogen Automobile Test Course, which is said to be Japan’s first circuit. A part of that course was restored only for that event, and normally, it can be used only for race cars and classic cars that were never used in public roads before.

In the Lexus Amazing Experience, you can ride on both the LFA supercar that has only 500 manufactured units in the whole world, and the RC F sports car. Super GT Lexus Team drivers Hiroaki Ishiura, Yuji Kunimoto and Ryo Hirakawa will be driving those cars for the event. They will offer an extraordinary driving experience.

They will also conduct an off-road driving through the flagship SUV of Lexus, the LX. Three active drivers who have been winners in the Dakar Rally (Jun Mitsuhashi, Masahiro Terada, and Tetsuro Chiharada) will also grant participants an off-road driving experience.

Moreover, the program participants will be served with special products from Karuizawa and a special lunch with seasonal ingredients. They will open the Lexus Lounge, which will serve as a gathering place for Lexus car owners aside from the program participants.

Admission fee is 50,000 yen. They will be accepting applications through email until September 23 and will select only 10 participants.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)