Nissan 1968 Fairlady 2000

2015 Oshiba Kogen Classic Car Festival: Photo Feature – Nissan Fairlady 2000/Fairlady, Japan’s first 200km/h car

The Classic Car Festival in Oshiba Kogen Matsuri was held on August 22 at Shinshu Oshiba Kogen in Minami Minowamura, Nagano.

To participate, the classic cars have to be manufactured in or before 1975. The 18th Oshiba Kogen Classic Car Festival was graced with 70 classic cars. Among them was the Nissan Fairlady, which will be featured in this article.

The oldest model is the SR311, called the Fairlady 2000. There were two of them displayed at the event. Their twin Solex carburetors produce 145hp, making this epoch-making sports car Japan’s first car capable of going over 200km/h.

The rest are Fairlady Z cars. The best machines, such as the 432 and the 240Z-G, attracted a lot of attention. The 432 is mounted with an S20 engine, which has four valves per cylinder, three carburetors, and two overhead camshafts. Meanwhile, the 240Z-G is mounted with a G-Nose L24 engine and outfitted with over-fenders.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)