Toyota Esquire w/ sleeping platform (2015 Japan Camping Car Show)

Camping Car Show 2015: A sleeping platform for the Toyota Esquire for an additional ¥850,000

On February 13, Toyota showcased their special Esquire and Noah minivans equipped with sleeping platforms at the 2015 Japan Camping Car Show at Makuhari Messe in Chiba.

Although both models come with a standard exterior, the third row of seating has been altered. It comes equipped with a storable table and sink, as well as a board that folds into a bench for a small yet relaxing space. In addition, by folding the second row of seats towards the front and laying the board out, it can function as a bed.

A representative from Tokai Utility Motor, the manufacturer of this special Esquire stated, “We built it by maintaining the elegance of the Esquire and following in the footsteps of the Noah which was produced earlier.”

Moreover, he added, “Being able to easily set up a bench or bed for resting at road side stations is a great asset. You can take quick rests anytime and hit the road right away.”

As for the price, it’ll cost roughly ¥850,000 more compared to its base models.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)