Honda N-TRUCK (2015 Camping Car Show)

2015 Camping Car Show: Honda exhibits N-Truck pickup concept

Honda Motor Company exhibited its N-Box concept cars on February 13 at the 2015 Camping Car Show that was held in Makuhari Messe. These concept cars are the N-Truck and the N-Camp, the latter being a trailer that can be attached to the N-Truck.

Honda manufactured the N-Truck to further expand the use of kei cars as recreational vehicles. Its overall length is 500mm shorter than that of the N-Box, and its rear portion has been remodeled into a truck bed. There’s also a detachable icebox provided inside.

Furthermore, drivers can tow the camper even if they don’t have licenses trailer towing. The interior of the camper features a living room-like cabin and a bed above it.

Booth staff and Honda Tech Public Relations Officer Azuma Torii said, “It is based on the N-Box and was manufactured to offer a new sense of values and lifestyle, as well as new thrills.

Torii added regarding the creation of these concept cars, “We completed the N-Truck first. There are many instances where only one or two people ride kei cars, so we completely removed unnecessary things and created a ‘commuter truck’ that can be driven around the city. After that, we thought of things that we could add to compensate for those things that we removed. We also wanted to have something interesting, so we created the trailer.”

Incidentally, at the moment, there are no plans of selling these concept cars yet.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)