LFA Spider video art on screen at Intersect by Lexus

Lexus held a video exhibition event in collaboration with Media Ambition Tokyo 2015, the cutting-edge experimental art project, at the Intersect by Lexus – Tokyo, a brand experience space in Aoyama, Tokyo. The exhibition period will last until February 20. This video art exhibition features the LFA Spider.

The video art title, 1,220, came from the total height of LFA Spider which is 1220mm. They provided a video screen on the ceiling that has approximately the same height as the LFA. The three minute and thirty second video art is broadcasted by Rhizomatics, a creative-type production company dealing with picture designs. You can look at the video reflected on the body of the LFA Spider on the screen. In addition, it is also possible to look at it while it is sprawled on the side of the LFA Spider.

Sound effects including engine sounds are also included in the video. It is also possible to directly hear such sounds. However, we may be able to get into the world of the video more if we wear the provided headphones.

Takada Atsushi, director of Lexus’ brand management, attended the press conference held on February 11. “It is possible to experience the feeling of riding a car without driving a car.” Takada commented about this exhibit.

Takada who experienced the 1,220 actually laid beside the LFA Spider. He said, “I felt like I became its tire, rather than the car itself. I felt that I could understand what the tires felt.”, he added, “There was almost no instance to watch the LFA while lying beside it. Watching the LFA that reflected the video on its body from this low angle was a fresh experience.”

Why did they use the LFA Spider for this event? Because, it aims to show the form of the Lexus. Takada said, “Lexus’ vehicles portray images of ‘quiet and comfort’ and ‘great people riding in the rear’. However, Lexus itself is building the vehicle with the theme of ‘appealing to the five senses’. By tuning the engine sound with Yamaha musical instruments, the LFA is thoroughly particular of the sound it makes. We want you to experience that view of the world in this event as well.”

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)