Toyota Motor Corporation exhibits the TES-CROSS

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon: Young employees of Toyota modify the Vitz; production cost is about 20 million yen

There is an organization that was formed by the voluntary gathering of the young employees of Toyota Motor Corporation.
That is the Toyota Engineering Society (TES), which is celebrating its fifth year, is an organization that displays innovatively remodeled cars every time in the Auto Salon. This time the group displayed the TES-CROSS open car.

It seems that the 18 core members and the 200 collaborators took six months to manufacture this car. Included among these collaborators are the Toyota Group of Companies, Maruyasu Industries, Art Metal Works Industries, BBS, KYB and the like; there were also stakeholders from approximately 25 other companies. The cost of the components has easily exceeded 10 million yen reaching something close to 20 million yen.

One of the core members said, “The base car is a European version three-door Vitz; the designers came up with a bold design for its outer plating, undergoing a lot of hardships in its incorporation to ensure the creation of a car that is unique in the world.” Everyday after work, all the members gathered and worked overtime until about 10 p.m.with a few instances where everyone came home after midnight.

Moreover, not only did they focus on this car’s design, they also worked hard to ensure that its performance would be outstanding. “We are confident, particularly about its maneuverability. Its head-turning angle is different when you turn the steering wheel. In order to make it into a car with an enjoyable maneuverability, a sufficient amount of time was spared to complete it with that kind of performance.”

As President Akio Toyoda always says, “We will not be able to create an excellent car if we do not challenge the limits”; these words are etched into the minds of each core member and they also put it into practice. The car that they have targeted to create was the Mini Cooper; however, they have shown with confidence that they would able to come up with a car that is beyond that.

It seems that President Toyoda has not yet driven this car, but a member said that “We look forward to his evaluation no matter what it may be.” “When will it be sold in the market?” was a question heard endlessly; signifying its extremely high level of popularity at the venue. Perhaps this car might become commercially available in the future.

(Translated by Michael Sabaldan)