2017 Frankfurt Motor Show: Honda offers glimpse of 2019 EV with Urban EV Concept

On September 12, Honda unveiled the Urban EV Concept. It made its debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Urban EV Concept is a concept car that gives some indication of the EVs Honda plans to release to the market in 2019. It’s based on Honda’s newly developed platform and makes use of a number of the company’s new EV technologies.

The concept model is 100 mm shorter than the Fit. Messages in multiple languages that offer greetings or driving advice can be displayed at the front of the vehicle.

The interior includes thin A pillars and a wide windshield that covers the whole front. Passengers can get out through the hinged coach door at the back. There are two bench seats made of different materials which allow four passengers to ride. The dashboard’s main display offers various information such as the remaining battery power.

Written by Minori Moriwaki
(Translated by Greg Scott)