Datsun and Toyota concepts showcased in Indonesia

The GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show showcases a lineup of concepts that are customized versions of existing models on the market. This year’s event features a display of ambitious concepts by Datsun and Toyota.

Datsun has unveiled its GO Live Concept, a Datsun GO redesigned as a racer. Designed to appeal to the younger generation, this concept could be described using such somewhat nostalgic terms as “hot hatch” or “boy’s racer.” This is definitely not a preview of any upcoming models Datsun has in store.

Datsun’s executive design director, Kei Kyu said, “If the GO Live could be summed up in a single word, it would be “freestyle.” The car reflects the fun, expressive and liberating attitude that Indonesian car enthusiasts have toward their vehicles.”

Meanwhile, Toyota is showcasing its Sienta Ezzy based on the Sienta, released to the Indonesian market in 2016. This concept features aero parts with sharp graphics on its roundish body to offer a contrasting look from the regular Sienta. However, it is just a concept and therefore will not be available for sale.

Written by Hayato Furusho
(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)