Suzuki Swift Hybrid gets new super small Hitachi LI battery

Hitachi Automotive Systems announced that their new, lightweight, small size, highly dependable lithium ion battery module would be used in the new Suzuki Swift hybrid model that went on sale July 12.

The lithium ion battery module now has twice the performance and reliability of previous models, and by housing the battery cells’ voltage detecting circuit board in one single cabinet, they have been able to reduce the weight of the newest iteration of the module by 35% as well as rid it of 37% of its height when compared to Hitachi’s previous models.

Hitachi Automotive Systems was the first in the field to pursue lithium ion battery technology for cars back in 1999. The lithium ion batteries are produced by a subsidiary company known as Hitachi Vehicle Energy that, using their know-how gained over years of squeezing the most power and quality out of the smallest batteries, have gained an excellent reputation with automakers around the world. Hitachi, having been praised on their previous efforts as well as this latest one, what with their low weight and small size allowing for excellent adaptability to automobiles, have had their batteries used in other vehicles such as the Solio and Solio Bandit that went on sale in November of last year, the Swift Hybrid SG, and the Swift Hybrid SL.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @ DAYS
(Translated by Bryce Clarke)