New Honda Civic series models set for September 29 release in Japan

Honda announced that it will release three model for the new Civic series on September 29 in Japan. The three models are the new Type R, Hatchback and Sedan.

The theme for the new Civic series is “driving enjoyment” for the top class of the C segment. The models feature a newly developed platform that offers a whole new driving experience in various different driving situations. The platform is at the core of the design of all three models, and aims to give all the same high level of performance as the Type R. It improves all models while also bringing out the individual best in each.

The Type R is designed for even better driving stability with its expanded wheelbase and treads, lower center of weight, lighter body (about 16kg lighter) and improvements in torsional rigidity (about 38%). Driving performance is further enhanced through the addition of multi-link rear suspension for the chassis, advances in control technology such as the improved dual axis strut front suspension, and its adaptive damper system.

The engine is a 2L VTEC turbo designed for the Type R that puts out 320ps and gets 400Nm of torque. It offers a combination of high torque at low rotation and high response and high output at high rotation. Acceleration is improved through its 6-speed MT low ratio transmission and single mass flywheel.

It’s also the first Honda model to have a rev match system that automatically adjusts engine rotation to match deceleration. It’s equipped for three drive modes that can be chosen to match driving conditions. When the mode switch is hit, it instantly changes the settings such as the damper steering throttle, offering high performance driving for any scene from the circuit to the city streets.

On the other hand, the Hatchback and Sedan, which are also based on the newly developed platform, offer excellent aerodynamic characteristics because of their higher rigidity, lighter weight, low center of gravity and low inertia. The combination of CVT with 1.5L VTEC turbo engine with tuning specialized for the new Civic, the driver doesn’t feel turbo lag and instead there’s a linear and powerful acceleration.

The stand-out feature of the Sedan’s exterior is elegant coupe-like roof line’s rigid engraved side panel, which gives it a sleek and luxurious feel. While the Hatchback has the same basic frame as the Sedan, it has a sportier look with its dynamic and light rear view. The interior still offers the best interior space in the C segment, which also emphasizing ease-of-use with its large luggage area and wide door opening. The Hatchback is also the first model in the world to offer a cargo area cover with a lateral opening that can be pulled out and rolled up.

For safety features, it has as a standard feature Honda Sensing. Millimeter wave radar and monocular camera monitor the front and back of the vehicle and work together with the brake and steering wheel control system technology to prevent accidents and offer safe and smooth driving.

The price is 4,500,360 yen for the Type R, 2,800,440 yen for the Hatchback with CVT/6MT, and 2,650,320 yen for the Sedan with only CVT.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu
(Translated by Greg Scott)