Suzuki Escudo gets 1.4 liter turbo engine 136 ps model

Suzuki is releasing a compact SUV with a 1.4 liter direct injection turbo engine known as the Escudo 1.4 Turbo on July 26.

The new model has a 1.4 liter direct injection turbo booster jet engine capable of a maximum output of 136 ps and a maximum torque of 210 Nm (on unleaded regular gasoline). With output and torque comparable to that of a 2 liter NA engine, the car boasts great handling and performance, from simply driving around town to the highway. The 6 gear automatic transmission (with manual mode shifter paddles) allow for a wide range of settings for driving, and even at lower RPMs the acceleration, even on the uphill, is excellent. At higher RPMs the car is quiet and gets great gas milage.

The Escudo has a newly designed plated front grill that makes the car look like it’s ready to take off, and also comes with 17 inch black aluminium wheels, roof railing, and LED headlights. The primarily black interior utilizes red for accents, and the steering wheel, wrapped in real leather and the stainless steel pedal plates really give the ride a sporty feel.

In terms of performance, the car’s next generation 4 wheel drive control system, made up of an “Electronically controlled 4WD system,” “4 mode drive switch function,” and “vehicle drive coordination control system” come together to form the “All Grip” system. Selecting between four modes–auto, sport, snow, and lock–drivers can change how the car drives to suit the conditions they are in, making for a great sense of fluidity and stability when driving. Also, using the Escudo’s special control system, improving driving conditions on surfaces that most offroad vehicles tend to slip on. When using lock mode, by implementing even more powerful brake control, the car drives better in poor conditions.

In terms of safety, this model comes with the impact damage diminishing system called the Radar Brake Support II system that the Escudo 1.6 also features, as well as adaptive cruise control (ACC) that helps with longer drives. In addition to these, SRS curtain airbags, front seat SRS side airbags also come standard, rounding out the safety features nicely.

The Escudo is being produced by Magyar Suzuki, a subsidiary located in Hungary, and will be sold as an import in the automaker’s home turf of Japan. In addition to the 1.6 liter NA engine variant that leaves plenty of leeway in terms of power, the sporty 1.4 liter direct injection turbo engine model will join the Escudo series to really round out the family. This model is surely one that can suit the needs of just driving around town to the height of outdoor leisure.

Colors come in red, ivory, and turquoise (all a two tone scheme with a black roof) as well as grey, black, and white (single tone) for a total of 6. The car runs for ¥2,586,600 JPY.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @ DAYS
(Translated by Bryce Clarke)