Suzuki Adds Hybrid Models to Swift Family

Suzuki has added two new grades to its small size, hybrid Swift model series, the Hybrid SG and the Hybrid SL, both being released July 12.

Until now, the Swift utilized a “mild hybrid” system where energy while the car was slowing down was to generate electricity while also using that same electricity when speeding up to assist the motor. The company garnered support by having created a compact car that achieved 27.4 km/liter (in JC08 mode).

These new grades of the Swift come with K12C Dual Jet Engines (1.2 liter) with running motors (known as MGU) that allow for electricity to be generated coupled alongside the highly conductive auto gear shift (AGS) system, making for a unique parallel hybrid system on a lightweight car, one corner of the market that Suzuki already excels in. By providing the MGU with power stored from driving in the 100V lithium ion battery, the motor is thereby assisted, even allowing for the car to run completely without the engine in EV mode while idling or travelling under 60km per hour.

The driving mode, which can be altered with just one switch, allows for two settings: the brisk pace of Standard Mode, and Eco Mode which helps to improve the frequency at which the car runs as an EV.

Furthermore, on the high grade Hybrid SL, drivers are treated to shifters on the steering wheel that make for an even quicker, sportier ride; safety technology that includes features such as Dual Sensor Break Support (DSBS) that uses a single lens camera and laser-guided radar that detects for oncoming pedestrians and cars to help prevent collisions; SRS curtain airbags, and front seat SRS side airbags.

(Translated by Bryce Clarke)