Nissan X-Trail upgraded to offer reasonably priced ProPilot and other features

On June 8, Nissan unveiled the upgraded X-Trail. In addition to offering the ProPilot highway single-lane autonomous driving technology as a factory option for the luxury grade, it also has a new remote-controlled hands-free automatic back door.

At a Yokohama press conference, Nissan SVP of Japan Marketing and Sales Asako Hoshino said, “For now, we’re aiming for about 5,000 units per month in sales.” Toward this goal, she said the company had already accepted 3,300 advanced orders. She said that among grades that can have ProPilot, 80% of orders chose the option.

ProPilot is available for all grades except for the inexpensive 20S grade. Hoshino says there is not option with just ProPilot, but the set that includes High Beam Assist, which switches automatically between high- and low-beams, Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RTCA) starts at 144,000 yen.

In addition, for the Serena, which was the first model equipped with ProPilot, its ProPilot grades cost 240,000 yen more than the base model. However, the X-Trail offers the option of a ProPilot equipped model with a price as low as 100,000 yen more.

Hoshino said, “You can expect Nissan to offer technology nobody else offers. We hope this will attract people who hadn’t considered buying a Nissan before. But, we’re just getting started. Without waiting for a full model change, we want to introduce e-POWER, autopilot, and technologies for motorizing and AI.”

Further safety features added along with the update this time include a new remote-controlled hands-free automatic back door and improvements to Intelligent Parking Assist.

The front mask and rear headlamps have gotten a new design for a tougher image. The interior design has also been touched up for a more luxury feel including changes to the luggage space and trim to offer more storage capacity.

The upgraded X-Trail is 2,197,800 to 3,098,520 yen.

Written by Tetuya Komatsu
(Translated by Greg Scott)