Subaru Levorg & WRX S4 with improved EyeSight set for summer release

On June 5, Subaru launched a special Japanese website for the new EyeSight-equipped Levorg and WRX S4, which is set for release this summer.

The new Levorg and WRX S4 offers significant improvement in overall safety due to the use of the latest advanced EyeSight technology, which supports driving safety by reducing the burden on the driver and the risk of collision. It also offers improvements in the interior and driving performance.

The new site will offer information the new Levorg and WRX S4. Subaru plans to release a new movie on the site on the advanced EyeSight safety package toward the end of June. It will also start taking advanced orders through the site ahead of dealerships.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @ Days
(Translated by Greg Scott)