Toyota Innova Crysta Touring Sport Release Date: Upcoming MPV Tips A New Sporty Look

It is needless to say that Toyota’s Innova Crysta has been one of the most successful cars in India. Albeit the family multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is almost perfect in every way, yet the automaker wants to keep its customers actively interested in the vehicle. So, they have decided to unveil a new Innova Crysta Touring Sport on May 4, 2017.

However, the expected upgrades are not going to be related to the engine or other physical features. The only change that is noted to arrive is based on the visual features of the vehicle. Toyota is going to revamp that look by modeling it based on Innova Crysta’s top model, the ZX, which is presently named as Venturer in Indonesia. There are also reports that the upcoming Toyota Innova Crysta Touring Sport will offer a six-seat layout with captain seats on the second row.

Other features said to be added include sporty cladding on the bumpers, side skirts, and wheel arches. Expect the inclusion of chrome-based grille elements as well. The upcoming Crysta Touring Sport will cost around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 70,000 more than the standard model.

Written by Jai Sabharwal