Brief Introduction to the New Tata Tamo Racemo

A few months back, Tata unveiled its plans to develop a sports car with the project name “Futuro”. No one was ready to see what was coming next once Tata uncovered the curtains of its latest supercar, the Tata Racemo. Nobody expected such an intuitive and hi-tech looking car from Tata Motors.

Tata Motors, which is mostly known for its affordable cars and trucks in the Indian auto industry, left every onlooker awestruck through its latest automotive revelation. The Tata Racemo that has been launched under the automaker’s sub-brand Tamo gave an initial impression of a car that comes straight out of racing video games. Nonetheless, bringing it to reality makes Tata finally stand out amongst the top automakers of the world.

As per reports, the designer team behind the new sports car consisted of a small group. While the car is not meant for mass production, Tata Motors still showed the world that it too had what it takes to be a intuitive automaker in the world of sports cars. The Tata Racemo under the project “Futuro” was developed under a budget of Rs. 10 crore, former chairperson Cyrus Mistry noted.

Written by Jai Sabharwal