Hyundai Ioniq India Set to Release at Auto Expo 2018

Hyundai Ioniq is ready to make an appearance in India starting next year after an enthusiastic response from potential customers. With an expected price set at Rs. 25 lakh, the Ioniq is going to rival with the Toyota Prius at a much lower price tag.

Hyundai Ioniq made a global appearance in the early months of 2016. Under the hood, it is powered with a 1.6-litre GDI petrol engine offering a power of 102hp with 146.4Nm of torque. The electric unit on the other hand offers 42.4hp at 169.4Nm of pulling power giving it a full hybrid power of 144.2hp and 315.8Nm. The Ioniq offers six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission which is channeled through the front wheels of the car.

The Hyundai Ioniq is quite futuristic to look at with its hybrid qualities. Onlookers instantly realize when a person is driving a hybrid just by looking at it. And, the Ioniq is meant to make a similar impression on passerby.

Written by Jai Sabharwal