2017 Renault Kwid Climber: Here is a Quick Insight

Renault showcased two concept cars modeled on the Kwid at the Auto Expo 2016. These were called as the Kwid Climber and the Kwid Racer. After an enthusiastic response from the fans, Renault has finally decided to bring out the 2017 Renault Kwid Climber in the Indian market.

There are reportedly going to be three different shades for the 2017 Renault KWID Climber. One of them can be seen in the picture. The new car will be Renault’s first Kwid variant to feature alloy wheels. While most of the exterior is the same as in the standard variant, a notable change is the addition of a silver-colored skid plate with orange elements. Even the fog lamps are remodeled for a more bulky look.

Besides the tweaked up skid plate, the 2017 Renault KWID Climber also has other orange-colored elements like in the door mirrors with black cladding, which is different from the standard variant’s silver wing mirrors and cheque-like door cladding. Even the roof rails are inserted with orange elements, including the front signals.

The Climber name adorns the car’s exterior in bold letters on the front doors, and on the corner of the rear windshield.

Written by Jai Sabharwal