Photo Collection – Lexus LS500h

At the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show, Lexus unveiled the LS500h, the hybrid version of the new LS. The LC500h also uses the newly developed Multi Stage Hybrid system.

The 3.5L V6 2GR-FXS gasoline engine puts out 300hp with 35.7kgm of torque. The total system with motor puts out 360hp.

The new LS500h uses Lexus’ flagship collision avoidance and safety package, which includes its most cutting edge technology. It covers the 4 common key areas related to serious collisions, which are intersections, lane departure, pedestrians, and rear impact collision. The package has new features that support accident prevention from offering information to drivers as a heads-up in danger areas before a collision occurs, to steering avoidance that uses autonomous operation to avoid collision.

(Translated by Greg Scott)