New Lexus LS500h with Automated Steering Assist

On March 7 at the Geneva International Motor Show 2017, Lexus debuted its new hybrid, the LS500h.

The new LS500h utilizes a multi-stage hybrid system. It’s 2GR-FXS 3.5 liter V6 gasoline engine has 300hp and a maximum torque of 35.7kgm. Combining the motor with the hybrid system yields 360hp.

Also, the new LS500h comes with a cutting edge preventative safety package, only natural for a Lexus flagship vehicle. The package covers four major types of potential accidents: being rear ended; pedestrian-oriented; drifting out of one’s lane; and intersection-oriented (impacts when pulling out). In addition to this, the package includes preventative support functionality such as information alerts being provided to the driver when entering potentially dangerous situations as well as automated steering assist technology that automatically works to move the car out of harm’s way.

Written by Minoru Moriwaki

(Translated by Bryce Clarke)