Audi new Q8 Concept comes to Geneva

On March 3, German auto maker Audi announced that it will debut the new version of the Q8 Concept at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, which opens its doors March 7.

The Q8 Concept is a concept car that hints at a Q model even higher than the its highest luxury model, the Q7. It has an emotional design like a coupe, giving us a glimpse at Audi’s future design. Although a coupe, it has the space and functionality of an SUV.

The powertrain is plug-in hybrid (PHV). The total system with engine and motor puts out 449hp with 71.4kgm of torque.

Audi plans to unveil a new version of the Q8 Concept at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show. The company comments, “This is a model that gives you a preview of the even further capabilities of the Q8 family in the future.”

Written by Minoru Moriwaki

(Translated by Greg Scott)