Mitsuoka Viewt French Macaron: new, snug, spring-only model

Say hello to the snug new Viewt, complete with a pastel color paint job just in time for spring. Mitsuoka Motors announced on February 23 the new car, the Viewt French Macaron, noting that the body would come in four colors: pink, blue, green, and yellow and would cost ¥2,764,800 ($25,000 USD). The car will be sold for a limited time between February 24 and May 31 of this year. (Photo gallery: 22 pictures)

The Viewt, originally making its way onto the scene in 1993, is set to have its 25th anniversary coming up soon, and with that in mind, Mitsuoka prepared a series of pastel body colors for the car. Just like the name French Macaron says, “we wanted to give the feeling that a macaron gives with this car, that of being soft a fluffy, sweet, colorful, something that brings to mind southern France, the buildings, the air, the food. We approached this project with two words in mind: sweet and car,” states design chief Takanori Aoki.

The color of the interior leather comes in a choice of grey and ivory. The high quality synthetic leather is both durable and water and stain resistant. The custom instrument panel uses panels the same color as the body. With a color scheme that really brings together the entire car, the design team was really able to bring about “a cute interior” for this car.

The Viewt’s French Macaron model comes in the aforementioned custom body colors, custom embroidered leather seats, a custom instrument panel, as well as custom grills, custom emblems on the C pillars, the trunk, and the instrument panel, as well as custom door rims, custom color wheels, and more. “This year marks the 24th anniversary of the Viewt and the 3rd generation of the car. The car itself has not been redesigned.”

Written by Masato Ono

(Translated by Bryce Clarke)