New Mazda CX-5: Advanced orders exceed monthly goal 3.8 in first 1.5 months

Mazda announced that one and a half months after it started taking orders for the new CX-5 on December 15, advanced orders have already reached 9,055, which is 3.8 times the monthly sales goal.

To break it down by grades, the L Package luxury grade with leather seats makes up 48% of the total and the Proactive grade with its safety features makes up 47%. For body colors, 31% chose the newly developed Soul Red Crystal Metallic and 17% chose the Machine Grey Premium Metallic, which offers a real metallic feel.

User feedback has heaped praise on the interior’s luxury feel, the adult feel of the exterior and the new Soul Red Crystal Metallic body color.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu

(Translated by Greg Scott)