New Suzuki Wagon R: Mild Hybrid system allows for 33.4 km to the liter

On 1 February, Suzuki both announced and released for sale their new Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray models.

The Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray both improve on the model’s wide interior and ease of use, bringing together the best of both design and functionality. The car also boasts 3 different unique external design elements that serve the wide variety of lifestyles and values that the modern consumer has.

The cars also come with a “mild hybrid” system included with the powertrain that allows for the car to run only with the motor when moving forward. Also, by utilizing the new platform “Heartect” that combines both low weight and durability, these models are able to boast the best fuel efficiency in their class, coming in at 33.4 km to the liter.

In terms of safety, the models come with the dual sensor brake support (DSBS) system that checks for pedestrians and cars in front of the car via a camera and laser radar as well as a headlight system that checks the area surrounding the vehicle and automatically switches between high beams and low beams.

Furthermore, the dashboard includes not only information on how fast the car is travelling, but also a HUD that shows warnings from the dual sensor brake support system in addition to other important information, a first for kei-cars, bringing cutting edge safety technology to the kei-car class.

The luggage compartment’s door has also been widened to allow for bigger baggage to be inserted more easily as well as umbrella holders on both of the back side doors for rainy days.

Written by Minoru Moriwaki

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]