Mitsubishi Delica D2 Hybrid SZ Navi Package

Mitsubishi adds hybrid model to Delica D2

Mitsubishi has added a new hybrid model to the Delica D2 compact minivan and it went on sale January 26.

The three hybrid grades are the Hybrid SX, Hybrid SZ Navi Package, and Custom Hybrid SV Navi Package. Using a parallel hybrid system made up of a dual-jet engine, drive motor, high voltage lithium battery and 5-speed automatic manual transmission (5AMT), it gets 32.0 km/L on JC08 mode.

There are two driving modes, Standard Mode and Eco Mode. Standard Mode provides a brisk and powerful drive, while Eco Mode makes maximal use of EV driving for environmentally friendly driving. Both modes can be used when the car is going around 60 km/h or less.

The exterior features blue chrome plating accents for the front grille and clear blue for the rear combination lamps to give it an environmentally friendly image. The right and left front fender and back door are emblazoned with the special hybrid emblem.

This image is further accentuated with interior features such as the Blue Metallic for the instrument panel’s upper garnish and specialty hybrid meters added to the motor power meters done in blue.

The price is 2,008,800 to 2,312,280 yen. The Delica D2 is the OEM model for the Solio produced by Suzuki.

(Translated by Greg Scott)