Toyota C-HR

Toyota announces delays in deliveries of all-new C-HR

On January 20, Toyota Motor Corporation announced a delay on deliveries for its all-new C-HR crossover, which was released last month.

According to the Japanese automaker, it will take at least three months from the receipt of orders to the delivery of the vehicle.

Toyota announced that it has sold approximately 48,000 units of the C-HR as of January 19, just over a month since its release. This consists of around 37,000 units of the popular hybrid model and nearly 11,000 units of the gasoline turbo. Moreover, the 48,000 units is the equivalent of eight times its monthly sales target.

According to Toyota’s latest announcement, the gasoline model will be delivered in or after early April and the hybrid model will be delivered in or after late April, for any orders received from this point forward.

Toyota said, “We are deeply sorry for the delay in deliveries. We appreciate your understanding as we are doing our utmost to deliver the C-HR to customers as soon as possible.”

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)