Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR: Advanced orders reach 8 times monthly sales goal at 48,000 in first month

Reporting on the status of advance orders, Toyota revealed on January 19 that approximately one month after its release, orders for the new C-HR have reached a total of 48,000.

Of the total, hybrids are popular with 37,000 orders. The turbo version represents 11,000. The current total of 48,000 is 8 times Toyota’s monthly sales goal.

According to Toyota, its individualistic styling features such as the cabin with its sense of speed, the body’s “Diamond” motif, and the significantly lengthened wheel flares make it popular with customers.

In addition, the package with the new TNGA platform with its low center of gravity gives it a driving performance with excellent response, linearity, and consistency.

Another reason for the new model’s popularity is that the hybrid version gets the best fuel economy in its class at 30.2km/L, which means that it qualifies for Japan’s eco-car tax benefits.

(Translated by Greg Scott)