Takuma Sato at talk event

Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Takuma Sato talks about shooting for an Indy 500 win during talk show

On 14 January, Indy Car Series driver Takuma Sato participated in a talk event held at the Tokyo Auto Salon at Makuhari Messe.

Though Takuma is typically not in his homeland of Japan very often due to a tight racing schedule, he has made it somewhat of a tradition to be present on the 2nd day of the Tokyo Auto Salon. Firstly, he went to the Bridgestone booth to participate in the Drive To The Future radio show broadcast on Japanese radio station J-Wave, then later migrated to the Honda and NGK booths where he participated in talk events.

Jumping into his 8th season on the Indy Circuit, Takuma has switched over to the top team, that of Andretti Autosport, leading many to expect an even better performance from him and the team than usual this year. To that extent, his presence at each booth reverberated even more greatly than usual with plenty of fans there asking him to wax nostalgic on memories of his time in the Indy Circuit.

At each talk event, Takuma related that “Andretti Autosport are especially strong when it comes to the super speedway, winning 2 of the last 3 Indy 500s. The team also has a great deal of resources at their disposal, and I’m looking to secure another win for them as well as my second win at the Indy 500 since my 2013 gold.” Not to mention that the Indy 500 is a widely respected race to win, that Takuma has made it over to the Andretti team has been a long-held desire by many fans.

His first race will be in St. Petersburg, Florida on 12 March. With less than 2 months to go, Takuma is surely in preparation mode, but this is one racer whom we’re sure will put on an outstanding performance this year.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]