Custom Lexus LX by GMG

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon: GMG presents 4-passenger stretched Lexus LX570

GMG, which specializes in dressing up and customizing full-sized SUVs, displayed two Lexus LX570’s at the Tokyo Auto Salon. One is abundantly adorned with aero parts and the other, if you look at it closely, appears to be stretched.

One is a white Lexus with a front and back wide fender, front and back bumper spoiler, two-tone hood, rear roof and gate spoiler, and 4-pipe exhaust system. Its exterior packs quite a punch.

The other Lexus has front and back half-spoilers, 4-pipe exhaust, and a more adult image. The lack of aero parts and black body give it a sense of presence. What’s especially striking about this model is that its length is stretched 38mm. The extra length goes to the floor of the backseat. The back has just two seats with the ottoman from the LS. It’s originally an 8-seater, so the change to the backset offers more floor space and space for reclining.

The models are not available for customization. Customers must buy the customized models outright from GMG. The price is 23,000,000 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)