2017 Tokyo Auto Salon

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon: Event sees over 300,000 attendees for 3 straight years

The 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon opened its doors on January 15 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. The last day saw 121,569 attendees. The total for all three days was 324,400 attendees.

This year, a total of 458 companies held exhibitions and there were 850 custom cars. The crowds on the first two days were like nothing seen before at the event but the third day was even more bustling. At around noon, the peak time for the third day, it was so crowded that it was difficult to walk from booth to booth. With companion performances, talks and various other events, one day alone would have been packed with enough to see and do for any attendee.

This year’s event also featured racing simulators inside some of the booths, special corners where fans could experience the cars firsthand, and booths that presented drivers and companions. It saw the first ever custom car test drives at ZOZO Marine Stadium, which held demo runs for customer cars and cars making their debut like the Subaru WRX S4 Ts, Volkswagen Golf R DSG and the much talked about new Honda NSX that fans don’t usually get to ride. Many attendees were blown away by their driving performance.

Many families came and especially on the third day, car fans with their kids could be seen enjoying the various activities and events.

According to the organizers, the last day saw 121,569 attendees, which is less than last year. Although its total three-day attendance of 324,400 didn’t exceed last year’s attendance, the event has seen over 300,000 attendees for three consecutive years.

(Translated by Greg Scott)