Infiniti QX50 Concept (Detroit Motor Show 2017) (c) Getty Images

Detroit Motor Show 2017: New Infiniti QX50 gets VC Turbo

On 9 January at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show, Infiniti, Nissan’s high class oversea brand, presented to the public for the first time the QX50 Concept. The QX50 Concept utilizes a next generation power train complete with a VC Turbo.

The QX50 Concept represents the next step in terms of Infiniti’s mid size SUV class, the vehicle also serving as the next iteration of the company’s QX Sports Inspiration, first shown off as a concept at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show in April of that year.

The VC Turbo is a mass production variable compression ratio engine, its most prominent facet being that compression ratio can be adjusted between 8 and 14 depending on running status. Infiniti has added the VC Turbo technology onto their next generation 2.0 liter inline-four gasoline turbo engine.

According to Infiniti representatives, the VC turbo 2.0 liter gasoline turbo engine boasts both high output as well as low fuel consumption. In addition to this, noise and oscillation have been diminished and the engine is smaller and more lightweight compared with previous engines.

An Infiniti representative commented that “by applying the VC Turbo to this engine, we’ve created a power train that is both more powerful and efficient.”

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]