New Toyota Camry (Detroit Motor Show 2017) (c) Getty Images

Detroit Motor Show ’17: New Toyota Camry announced along with new hybrid model

On 9 January, at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show, Toyota gave the public their first look at the new model Camry.

The 8th generation of the Camry is not just an overall quality, durability, and dependability improvement to the model, but was developed with the hope of building a vehicle that owners and drivers could truly feel pleased with owning.

Furthermore, the company’s “Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA)” restructured business model that the company has implemented in efforts to make even better vehicles should allow for the vehicle to exceed even those aforementioned lofty expectations. In addition to the platform, by making the power train unit a single unit, the automotive manufacturer has succeeded in producing a beautifully stylish vehicle that drives just as one hopes it would.

The exterior shows the company’s focus on providing a sporty, refined design. By giving the corners of the bumpers a more three-dimensional shape, and with the “under priority” mentality allowing for a more audacious structure of the vehicle, Toyota’s own “Keen Look” design mentality is furthered through this new Camry. The slim upper grill is juxtaposed against the larger lower grill, working to accentuate the car’s wide stance and low center of gravity.

As for the interior, using a new package based on the TNGA mentality, a sporty instrument panel that allows for excellent frontal visibility has been made available despite retaining the spaciousness that a global mid-size sedan calls for. The next generation interface links a color heads up display, a multi-information display, and an 8 inch audio visual navigation system together, providing greatly improved usability that looks futuristic in its prominent flush surface display panel.

The hybrid model completely revamps the 2.5 liter Toyota hybrid system. Utilizing small scale, lightweight, low loss technology, a new engine that allows for high output even at high temperatures, providing amazing power and terribly low fuel consumption.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]