2018 Subaru WRX/WRX STI for US

2017 North American International Auto Show: Subaru displays 2018 WRX/WRX STI

Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) announced that it will unveil the 2018 WRX/WRX STI for the US at the North American International Auto Show, which opens its doors January 9.

Major improvements have been made to the front face including newly shaped LED headlamps and front grille, and an enlarging of the front bumper grille. The interior has black-toned parts in all areas to give it a luxury feel.

In terms of driving performance, improvements have been made to its handling and comfort through optimization of the suspension. Subaru has combined the existing electrical control and mechanical control to create multi-mode DCCD (Driver’s Control Center Differential) for the WRX STI to bring both under electrical control only and optimize. Turn-in ability has been improved to create handling that responds directly to the driver’s will.

It also has steering-interlocked headlamps and an auto vehicle hold feature that stays stopped even when the driver takes their foot off the brake pedal while stopped.

(Translated by Greg Scott)