Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5: Designing A Car That Its Owner Will Love

The front end of the new Mazda CX-5 was designed to inspire love and pride in the vehicle’s owner, so states chief designer at the Mazda design department, Shin’ichi Isayama.

“We designed it such that when people see it from afar that it would have an intellectual, mature appearance. Since the face is what displays once personality to the world, we wanted to make a car with a ‘face’ that the owner would take pride it when approaching the vehicle,” stated Mr. Isayama.

Mr. Isayama went on to say that “While it is possible to design a car that looks strong or stands out, that has a lot of presence or looks intimidating or simply catches the eye, that’s not what we were going for with this. We wanted to build a car that really had a face of its own, one that gave off a new, individual expression that only that car would have.” The result of this sensibility gives the car a signature look (Mazda takes the word “signature” as one of its design tenants, primarily pronounced with the bottom silhouette of the front grill as well as in the wing-like shape extending to the right and left of the head lamps), giving the care a more three-dimensional appearance from the area around the head lamps and the grill. “While the care has a distinct expression on its face, we worked hard to make sure that that expression was a dignified one.”

Furthermore, “We really took our time with the grill’s design,” stated Mr. Isayama. “We didn’t want people seeing the individual elements of the grill (such as the pattern) when viewing the car from afar, the reason behind this being that we wanted the signature look of the whole car to stand out more than anything, which also serves as a symbol of the Mazda brand. It’s those two things that we hoped to accomplish with this design.” On the other hand, “Once you get closer to the car, you can see that (the grill’s design) is very intricate,” he stated. “We worked diligently to come up with this design, and we feel that once you see it, you can tell that it has an almost hand-made quality to it. It doesn’t stand out at a distance, but by making it so that you become aware of the craftsmanship when you get closer to the vehicle, we’ve achieved a good balance of design that we feel will inspire a love for the car in the vehicle’s owner.”

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]