Suzuki Spacia Custom Z

Suzuki unveils Spacia Custom Z with impressive new front mask

Suzuki has added the new Custom Z to its Spacia kei touring wagon series and made changes to some special models. They go on sale December 26.

The Spacia Custom Z has a high hood position and an impressive front mask. It features a front aero bumper, plated grille, discharge headlamps, LED illumination, and LED front fog lamps.

A luxury feel is provided by the titanium silver coating in various places, which gives it a black-toned virile impression. Maker options include the Utility Package, which improves riding comfort with features like the one-action power sliding door for the back right-hand seat; the Memory Navigation with All-Direction Monitor, which uses cameras to monitor the area around the vehicle in front, back, left and right; and the Dual Camera Brake Support collision avoidance system with all-directional stereo camera.

The price is 1,490,400 to 1,719,360 yen.

Regarding the changes to some special models, the standard color for the interior for all Spacia models will be black, and the Crystal White Pearl and White 2-Tone Roof editions will also have the choice of beige. There are new Brisk Blue Metallic, Phoenix Red Pearl and Urban Brown Pearl Metallic colors for the exterior. All interior plastic parts for the Spacia Custom are black and the XS and XS Turbo have the Back Eye Camera as a standard feature.

(Translated by Greg Scott)